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Devin Liston (born 1983) is a Los Angeles multi-media artist who focuses mostly on oil painting and muralism. Liston’s career started in collective art teams including CYRCLE and DEVNGOSHA and at the end of 2014 he began working solo. His current work is centered around utilitarian objects in sports and carpentry, using these objects to create a language of exploring existence, meaning, and everyday life. He has done murals around the world and his personal work has shown in Los Angeles, Iceland, Hong Kong, New York, Australia, Seattle, Munich, Bayreuth, Atlanta, and Mississippi.   


The space within the canvas is the only space that exists, so naturally everything must be shoved into it like a can of sardines. For some reason, none of the objects that I find interesting can be allowed to penetrate the confines of the world I create for them, and that seems to be my only rule. I am constantly finding fuel in utility, universally recognizable objects, sports, bugs, and imagery from my childhood. I paint intuitive and direct while keeping in mind relationships, time, existence, space, and otherworldly interventions. The language of sports has helped me to create a dialogue between myself and the universal nature of competition in everything that exists. 


Solo Exhibitions:
2014 - Soze Gallery, “Devin Liston: Grown Ups” Los Angeles, CA. USA 
2016 - KP Projects, “Devin Liston: Department of Water and Power” Los Angeles, CA. USA 
2016- the House—Kjarvalhús, “Devin Liston: Symphonies for the hard of hearing” (Residency) Reykjavik, Iceland 
2017- Treason Gallery, “Devin Liston: Fleshy Projectors and the Poltergeist Flavored Algorithm Soup” Seattle, WA. USA 
2020 - ARTXIV, “Devin Liston: Space Jam” (Residency) Seattle, WA. USA 
2022- Delta Arts Alliance, “Devin Liston: You Ain’t Never Lied: Meditations in Objects” Cleveland, MS. USA
Group Exhibitions:
2014- LA municipal Art Gallery, “Beyond Eden” Los Angeles, CA. USA
2017- ABV Gallery, “A Better View” Atlanta, GA. USA 
2021- Broke.Today, “Open Exhibition at the Machine house” Munich, Germany
2022- Gallery Ergo, “Hexed” Seattle WA. USA
2022- MA.SE Gallery, “From the Top to the Bottom” Bayreuth, Germany
2022- 19 Karen Gallery, “Instagram Live” Queensland, Australia
2022- Vanderplas Gallery, 

Collaborative Work Exhibitions:
2011- Design Matters, “CYRCLE: We Never Die” Los Angeles, CA. USA 
2012- ArtisTree, “James Lavelle: Daydreaming With (CYRCLE)” Hong Kong 
2013- Size Gallery, “DevnGosha, Pressure” Los Angeles, CA. USA 
2013- TheAudience, “DevnGosha” (Residency) Los Angeles, CA. USA 
2014 - C.A.V.E. Gallery, “DevnGosha, Power” Venice Beach, CA. USA 
2015- KP Projects- DevnGosha, Water Fight” Los Angeles, CA. USA 

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